The right prices to hit your targets

Take your pricing and marketing decisions with confidence on impacts

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Understand market and customers dynamics


Take pricing and marketing decisions with confidence


Realise commercial targets through optimized pricing actions

Our approach

Why dynamic pricing.

Pricing should be desumed. Not imposed.

  • Fixed pricing does not cope with increasing market volatility and tend to become inefficient.
  • Dynamic pricing allows to significantly reduce the gap between static offer and mutable demand.

Markets are continuous. Not discrete.

  • One-off analyses become obsolete as soon as conditions change.
  • Data-driven approach allows to sense and to address market moods in real-time.

Focus on commercial targets. Prices will come.

  • Increasing catalogue variety multiplies relationships among market variables.
  • Smart systems are required to tame with complexity and keep pricing aligned to commercial targets.

The Liquidprice multi-domain approach.

Understand customers behaviour and get out the best from every SKU

  • Benchmark your catalogue and evaluate price positioning
  • Recognize key value items driving store performances
  • Get evidence of price effectiveness for target accomplishment

Get offeral recommendations to launch effective promotional campaigns

  • Select commercial targets you want to accomplish
  • Fix the right channel for product display
  • Receive product recommendations with the right price

Automate pricing processes by means of artificial intelligence

  • Fix boundaries for AI engine optimisation
  • Receive and apply pricing optimisation according to evolving market conditions
  • Size the impact and monitor performance evolution